Insights Discovery

Let people get the very best out of themselves by improving their self-understanding. Teach them to appreciate and use different ones and create a working environment where innovation, creativity and productivity are given plenty of room.

How it works
Insights Discovery is an equally simple and accessible color model that, in combination with a personal profile, gives people more insight into themselves and others. A strong basis for effective collaboration and optimal functioning.

Everyone has all four colors. The combination of colors gives you your unique personality. The colors refer to behavioral preferences that determine how you respond, think and act. Call it: your most natural self.

The preferred colors of Insights Discovery are measured by an easy-to-fill online questionnaire. This creates a personal profile that is all about you and shows where your qualities and development points lie.

More about Insights Discovery
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What you can achieve
Every organization’s success depends on the performance of its people. With Insights Discovery you invest in your people and you give them the means to improve their communication skills and relationships. This has an enormous impact on the functioning of your organization: teams work together more effectively, people give better guidance, respond more flexibly to change and feel more strongly connected to the culture and values of your organization. Also the interaction with customers improves.

The color language of Insights Discovery is easy to understand and easy to remember. As a result, people continue to use the language every day.