Executive Search

What is Executive Search?

In the market there are several names for this: Executive search, recruitment & selection and headhunting.

But how do we see that?

Executive Search is the ability to connect the right people to the right company. In addition to knowledge and professional skills, the right employees also have the right attitude and attitude towards the strategic challenges and they fit directly into the culture and DNA of your company. Our procedure is characterized by a thorough search process and a strict selection procedure. This means that we search for your new colleague in our extensive network, databases, through Hunters & Makers ambassadors and with the help of personal references. Furthermore, we select potential candidates from the written requests that we receive. It is important to distinguish between searching and selecting because the right candidate is often not actively looking for a new job. This means that the candidate is not part of the channels from which you initially make your choice. Instead, the right candidate is mostly a passive job seeker who needs to be approached!

Why you should use our “Searchprocess”?

Hunters & Makers conduct in-depth interviews with key employees. These interviews actually enable us to make an extensive analysis of what the ideal candidate needs to be successful at in your company and in the relevant position.

  1. We are present at job interviews of our candidates who are in procedure at your company, so that we learn more and more about your company and also get a better picture of this candidate.
  2. We have a ‘Pearson test license’, which means we can use tests to get a better and deeper insight into the profile of the proposed candidates.
  3. We maximize the optimal ‘fit’ in your Corporate Culture by asking the candidates to solve a company-specific case. This way you can be sure that your new team member is able to solve tasks in a way that fits your culture.
  4. We involve you in the search process by keeping you informed on a regular basis. We discuss all relevant candidates with you, so that you always keep an overview.
  5. We are your eyes and ears in the market: we follow market trends and investigate what is being said about your company.