About Hunters & Makers

Hunter & maker: Ingrid Rademakers

Who am I?

Burgundian & nature-loving

I am Ingrid Rademakers, a Swiss native from Cruquius, where I live with my family. Besides the fact that I do business with heart and soul, I have a great passion for the outdoors. Atmosphere and conviviality are important elements in my life.

When I was two years old, I moved from Switzerland to Limburg, the place where I grew up. Later on I climbed higher on the map to North Holland, but I took that ‘Burgundian’ lifestyle from Limburg with me to Zuid-Kennemerland.

What am I?

Experienced Head Hunter
I am Ingrid Rademakers and it is my passion to get to know and understand my customers. Based on that I can make the right match between talent and company. For this I not only look at what he or she can DO, but especially at WHO he or she is: the candidate with the right ‘DNA’ that fits perfectly within your organization.

Career coach:

Through work as a headhunter, I wanted to learn about the ‘why’ in humans. And have followed various courses, including:

  • Facilitator “Walking in your shoes”
  • Post HBO Career Professional
  • Accredited Pearson License
  • Accredited Insights Discovery License Practitioner.

Recently I started a course at the Leary Academy to apply the theory behind “De Roos van Leary” in both my work as headhunter and in the role of career coach.


My way to this point started at the Gymnasium in Limburg. Then I completed the HEAO after a side trip to ‘Econometrie’. As a 23-year-old, I rolled into business and during a period of 17 years I held various positions within FMCG in the field of Marketing and Sales. Then the Headhunting job came in the picture, it felt like my mission and I made a flying start here. In the meantime I have been active as a (career) coach for some time now and I use a variety of methods, such as ‘Walking in your Shoes’, ‘Insights Discovery’ and ‘Roos van Leary’.

How do I help you find (your) talents?


  • Being Emphatic: I have a nose for your wishes and ambitions
  • Being Proactive: I help you actively on the way to the right match between work and talent
  • Being thorough: I help you to make essential choices for your ideal solution
  • Planning & organizing: with my experience I help you to organize your work yourself
  • Persistence: No shine without friction, a process is only successful if the right match is found
  • Networking: in this sector, networking is the magic word to gather knowledge and generate business.
    I teach you to use your own network on the way to a new challenge
  • Selfmanagement and development:
    After making the right match, I teach you to keep on the right course, to keep developing yourself and to stay in your strength